About Us

The Open Door Christian Community is a new church which began in Oliva in 2019. After a few months we were interrupted by Covid 19, which stopped us from making the work known in the area, and because of successive lockdowns, we have been meeting on Sunday mornings at 11.00 and on Wednesdays at 7.30 online, using Zoom.

Tony and Elizabeth

Tony and Elizabeth Cauchi have been involved in starting new churches for over four decades Tony has been a Bible teacher, mainly in UK, but also in Jersey, Italy, Malta, Ukraine, Albania, Saudi Arabia and Jamaica. They visited Oliva on vacation, when Tony was recuperating from an illness in 2006, when they made lots of friends and found considerable interest in Christianity and the Bible. They continued to visit for annual holidays while Tony was a church pastor in UK, and increasingly felt that God was calling them to Oliva to begin a new bi-lingual church, as there were no churches like this locally, at that time.

They now live in central Oliva and are looking forward to re-starting meetings in their home when Covid vaccines have been distributed and it is safe to do so.

The group

The small group is multi-national, currently having regular attenders from UK, Spain, USA, Uruguay, Slovenia and Uganda! In meetings we use English and Spanish, using an interpreter and are able to have great times of sharing and interaction despite our cultural and linguistic differences.

What we believe

We are normal Christians who don't belong to an organisation or denomination, but are best described as Bible-believing disciples of Jesus Christ. Our aim is to follow the teachings of the Bible in our daily lives and also in the way we run the church. This model is found in the pages of the New Testament: local churches which meet in homes and where believers can grow in discipleship and Christian maturity.

Our beliefs are usually described as Evangelical and we also recognise the great need of allowing the Holy Spirit to help us follow Jesus, so some might call us Charismatic.

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